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FCCT Pilgrim Way Project


PROJECT NUMBER: 1708-01 PROJECT TITLE: PILGRIM ROUTE DATE: 11th June 2017 DURATION: 4 Months/ Ongoing VALUE: 230k to date RELATION TO THIS PROJECT: We were tasked with carrying out works across the pilgrim route. This involved boggy areas, working on sensitive areas and dealing with difficult landowners. Path creation and road reinstatement was the majority of […]

Sac Dalry/ Wester Woodside Project


PROJECT NUMBER: 1704-17 & 1611-09 PROJECT TITLE: DALRY DEER FENCE/ WESTER WOODSIDE DEER & RABBIT PROOF FENCE DATE: 11th DEC 2016 & 10th JUN 2017 DURATION: 10 weeks total VALUE: Approx. 60-70K in total RELATION TO THIS PROJECT: This project included deer and rabbit fencing in very difficult ground conditions across two sites, Material delivery issues […]

Loch Leven Path Works Project


PROJECT NUMBER: 1702-10 PROJECT TITLE: LOCH LEVEN PATH UPGRADE DATE: 20th March 2017 DURATION: 2 weeks VALUE: Approx. 15-20K RELATION TO THIS PROJECT: This project required the upgrading and repair of sections of path, which required logistical planning to access points/ material drops in several locations/ specialist small plant and operators/ communication with landowners/ various movements along […]